6 Sign-Up & Email Marketing Tips to Build Your Database

Throughout my experience working with different clients and now on the brand side getting new customers is something every company wants to do. Growth and new opportunities. Below are some tips for getting new sign ups on your website and what to do next when you get them to sign up.

  1. The sign-up pop-up and/or sign-up page builds your database with potential customers that you are now able to engage with further.

  2. Inform your potential new customers what they can expect from you when signing up. Maybe even give an incentive for signing up such as a coupon just from signing up. 

  3. Send a Welcome email upon a customer signing up. They were just engaged with your company remind them and give them information they may need to convert. (That is purchasing something from your website, engaging with your brand as in visiting your restaurant or setting up an appointment for a service you provide.)

  4. Keep your from name when sending emails consistent with your company name.

  5. Something to consider is having a double opt-in. You just got them to enter their email address and even their first and last name. You might want to consider having them ensure the email they entered in is correct by having a double opt-in. Send an email to the email address provided and have them click the link that will confirm their opt-in status.

  6. Other ways to gain more email sign ups could also occur via social media. Create giveaways on your Instagram by having your followers enter their email addresses on your website in order to enter to win something you are giving away. 

Hope you try out these tips and gain more potential loyal customers along the way!

Happy emailing!

Amarilys Rivera