Working in the Email Marketing field since 2011 I have experience on both the client and brand side.

Various campaigns I have worked on range from Welcome series for new customers, Abandoned Cart, to when the customer makes a purchase. Strategizing with the Marketing team to create personalized content that is relevant to the customers. The Abandoned Cart has been one of my favorite projects as it was implemented last year as a project I was heavily involved in from the Creative to implementing personalized content. This is exciting for our team as the Abandoned Cart series was not a thing up until last year. I implemented content from the website through our partnership with Movable Ink to showcase the exact cruise a customer abandoned. This more personalized content increased the engagement by 8pts and generated $446,000 in ROI during a test phase.

"Setting up campaigns and seeing the performance of the each campaign is exciting! You learn a lot about your customers. What intrigues them when it comes to the content you send, what works and doesn't work for them, what are they looking for from you.  So much can be learned about them and so much can be offered to them through email." 

Studied at Baruch College located in New York, New York where I received a BA in Corporate Communications. Now located in Los Angeles where I enjoy great Thai and Mexican cuisine, occasionally inspiring women and girls on rocking their natural curly hair and enjoying the view of palm trees on drives throughout the city!